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09 Oct 2017
Consultation Aeromonas and Plesiomonas breakpoints

EUCAST general consultation on proposed breakpoints for Aeromonas and

09 Oct 2017
The Intermediate category - comments and responses to the 2nd consultation

The EUCAST proposed modification of the definition of the intermediate

08 Oct 2017
Consultation on proposal to remove macrolide breakpoints from H.influenzae.

Consultation 8 October - 17 November: EUCAST proposes to remove macrolide

02 Oct 2017
EUCAST guidance document on Setting breakpoints for agent-inhibitor combinations.

EUCAST new guidance document published. Setting breakpoints for

14 Jul 2017
Ceftaroline S.aureus breakpoints revised

Ceftaroline breakpoints for S.aureus were revised following the EMA

11 Jul 2017
EUCAST propose to modify the definition of the intermediate category (2nd consultation)

Following up on the 1st consultation on the EUCAST proposal to modify the

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